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This post will include everything SASO!

Icebreaker post || Friending meme post || Remix permission post

Other accounts: Twitter
@_stanix, Tumblr @bysolusprime, AO3 @Airheart
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 Hello creator! Thank you for signing up :) The first part of this letter is an overview of my likes and dislikes, and the rest goes a little more in-depth for each request. The prompts are just meant for inspiration, so don't feel bound to them! Go wild. All you really need to keep in mind are my dislikes and NOTPs, and you'll be golden!

You can also find me on Tumblr (bysolusprime) and Twitter (nyakishima).

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since i won't be filling a whole lot of prompts, i decided to just have one big post instead of a bunch of little ones. i'll update this post as i fill!

also, anyone has my full permission to remix any of my fills! the only requirements are that you link to the original and show me your remix!! you can send me a link on twitter or tumblr (both nyakishima), or comment here~

  1. Remember when children still used to be offered up to the gods? (REMIXED BY BLUEDREAMING)
  2. (art) remember when arakita and toudou went on a road trip?
  3. (art) Remember when Tadokoro and Arakita were the two most intimidating and ruthless enforcers any mafia family had ever known?
  4. (art) Remember when Fukutomi vowed to take  Hakone Gakuen's Girls' Cycling Club to the nationals?
  5. (art) Remember when Kinjou and Makishima were the best cattle roping team at the rodeo?
  1. (art) Manami/Teshima: "I'll cut off your legs"
  2. (art) Toudou & Midousuji fan selfie
  3. (art) Kinjou/Makishima: "In the mountains, I leave the decisions to Makishima" (REMIXED BY PRINCESSSID)
  4. (art) Kinjou/Makishima shower
  5. (art) Manami & Shinkai: Shinkai gives Manami a powerbar
  6. (art) Kinjou/Makishima: easing tension
  1.  (art) Kinjou/Makishima: This is the latest trend over here, it reminded me of you
  2. Arakita & Toudou: Those clothes can't be comfortable, or warm. Also, they're too ragged and you keep scaring our guests. Please use these instead; I have it on good authority that they're the latest trends. (P.S. I have tea in the back garden every night if you're ever looking for company)
  3. (art) Kinjou/Makishima: If you could do me a favor and find a way to open this, I'd be in your debt. (REMIXED BY BLUEMINUET)
  4. Sohoku: For anyone who needs them, no questions asked.
  5. Kinjou/Makishima: If the offer's still on. I think I need you here.
  6. (art) Toudou/Fukutomi: I'm riding for Ridley this year. Come and watch already!
  7. Toudou/Fukutomi: I felt like the two of you could keep them safe. I'll try to be back soon. (REMIXED BY YRINDOR)
  1. (art) Kinjou/Makishima: "I heard the rain falling from the rain spout"
  2. (art+text) Toudou/Arakita: "WHO IS SENDING YOU PHOTOS OF MY BOOBS"
  3. (art) Makishima & Onoda: "My dear, I find your blind admiration both flattering and disturbing."
  4. Kinjou/Makishima: "The most intimate thing you can do to a lover with your fingers"
  5. (art) Kinjou & Kaidou: "I am a Jedi. Like my father before me." (REMIXED BY BLUEMINUET)
  6. (art) Kinjou/Makishima: "WHY can’t we…,,, kiss the monster….. gently hold the monster……… tell the monster how we really feel"
  7. (art) Fukutomi & Toudou & Arakita & Shinkai: "They were supposed to leave after they hugged it out"
  1. (art) Kinjou/Makishima: recapitation
  2. (art+text) Kinjou & Makishima: Rahdue's Wheel
  3. Hakogaku: vaguely supernatural au
  1. (art) Kinjou/Makishima: seer (original by yrindor)
  2. (art) Kinjou/Makishima: evil AU (original by tsunderekita)
  3. (art) Hakogaku 3rd years: cisswap selfie (original by hapaxlegomenon)
  4. (cosplay) Makishima: green ribbon (original by blueminuet)
  5. (cosplay) Makishima: seer (original by krankran)
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 I NEED STRUCTURE IN MY LIFE so here is where you can bait me for BR5 fills, if you so desire :3c

i pretty much only write/draw for yowapeda! more often than not i draw, though. i'm pretty familiar with the first generation of teams, except for kyofushi...

things i will do:
  • body horror
  • monsters/aliens
  • urban fantasy
  • werewolves
  • witches
  • retellings of classic myths/fables from anywhere
  • mythical creatures
  • dragons
  • honestly i am... open to many things as long as they aren't on the list below
things i won't do:
  • toumaki
  • tadomaki
  • fukukin
  • kinara
  • fukuara
  • maki/onoda
  • smut fic
  • explicitly nsfw anything (like. no dicks. i will draw boobs though, i love boobs)
  • harry potter AUs
(the ships are only in a romantic sense, i do love them as platonic friendships though)

so if you want to, leave prompts in the comments below! anon should be enabled, so you can use that ^u^
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prompts! i didn't start saving all my prompts until BR4 though oops.... so all the prompts listed BR1-3 are filled

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