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Dear Creator (TF Summer Gift Exchange 2017)

 Hello creator! Thank you for signing up :) The first part of this letter is an overview of my likes and dislikes, and the rest goes a little more in-depth for each request. The prompts are just meant for inspiration, so don't feel bound to them! Go wild. All you really need to keep in mind are my dislikes and NOTPs, and you'll be golden!

You can also find me on Tumblr (bysolusprime) and Twitter (nyakishima).

  • found families & family fluff; physically affectionate families
  • domesticity; cooking, remodeling, cleaning, etc
  • nonsexual nudity/partial nudity
  • injury and illness care (descriptions of blood/gore are ok!)
  • friends to lovers
  • established relationships
  • casual intimacy, platonic or romantic
  • alien biology
  • smut preferences
  • in art
    • patterns/textures
    • rich colors
    • interesting lighting
    • biolights
  • I also love to see people's inspiration, so if you were inspired by a song, movie, picture--anything--share it!
  • terminal illness
  • non-canonical major character death
  • non-canonical family death, abuse or estrangement
  • angst without a happy ending
  • self harm
  • changing canon pronouns
  • pining
  • soulmate AUs
  • Harry Potter AUs
  • college/high school AUs
  • coffee shop AUs
  • European royalty AUs
  • robots kissing (other forms of affection (like touching foreheads) are good though)
  • heat cycles
  • plots based in homophobia/transphobia/racism/etc
  • incest
  • enemies/rivals to lovers
  • epithets when the character's name is known
  • Optimus Prime/Megatron
  • Knock Out/Breakdown
  • Ratchet/Wheeljack
  • Arcee/Optimus Prime
  • Arcee/Airachnid
General Prompts
  • Any injury/illness care after a battle (severe injuries and gore are welcome :3c)
  • celebrating the Festival of Primes or the Festival of Lost Light, or any other holiday/special occasion (my personal headcanon is that Transformers religion is similar to Hinduism, and the Festival of Primes is like Diwali in both celebration and significance)
  • Oil baths or other spa-related things

Transformers: Prime

Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Knock Out, Soundwave, Solus Prime, Onyx Prime, Team Prime, Megatron, Starscream

Ships & Pairings:

  • Optimus Prime/Ratchet: the history and absolute trust here is really important to me. I also like how Ratchet is one of the few bots that isn't somewhat starstruck by Optimus, him being the last Prime and all, and I think he helps ground Optimus. As a leader, Optimus doesn't have many shoulders to lean on, but Ratchet is there for him. Prompts:
    • Pre-war or early war bonding, perhaps Ratchet getting to know Optimus Prime after knowing him as Orion Pax
    • Sharing stories about their families
    • Rare moments of calm during the war
  • Knock Out/Soundwave: despite near-polar opposite personalities, I think they have a healthy amount of respect for each other. at their cores, they're both ambitious and incredibly smart creatures, and they each recognize the other's value. I think that Knock Out finds Soundwave fascinating, and is one of the few bots willing to pursue him, although his usual charm doesn't work very well on Soundwave. I also like the voyeur/exhibitionist sort of dynamic. Prompts:
    • Soundwave finding a way to communicate with Knock Out from the Shadowzone, and Knock Out subsequently working to free him via the dual bridge method (maybe with help from Ratchet or even Raf) (good opportunity to explore Knock Out's feelings about Soundwave as he tries to convince the powers that be that Soundwave is an invaluable asset)
    • Bringing their Minicons together and bonding over that (Knock Out has a Minicon named Gra in the Japanese version of TFP, check him out on TFWiki!)
  • Solus, Onyx, & Optimus Prime: I really adore these 3 Primes. In general, I'm a huge sucker for Optimus being the baby brother of the Primes, but his relationship to Solus and Onyx is especially special to me. I think Optimus could bring out the gentleness in both of them, and they would dote on him. Plus, Solus and Onyx are close; I was really affected by Onyx's reaction to Solus's death in the Covenant :( Prompts:
    • Optimus reuniting with them in the Realm of the Primes (between the end of TFP, and RID 2015)
    • Simply relaxing together after the battle against Unicron
    • Creating art of some sort together (maybe music or dancing)

Transformers (Bayverse)
Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Megatron, Starscream, Mikaela Banes, Sideswipe, Arcee, Chromia, Elita One

Ships & Pairings:
  • Optimus Prime/Ratchet: the same with TFP, the history and trust here is really important to me. In Bayverse though, Optimus is a lot more ruthless and angry (with good reason), and he's pretty intimidating. I like the idea that he shows a softer side to Ratchet, and that Ratchet is one of the few who isn't intimidated by Optimus's power and demeanor. Prompt:
    • Reuniting briefly between DOTM and AOE, and sharing a quiet moment together
    • AU where Ratchet doesn't die in AOE, and helps Optimus fuck shit up with the Dinobots and everything
  • Megatron & Starscream: I'll be real: mostly, I'm into the whole "baby Cybertronians in glowing fluid-filled sacs" thing from Revenge of the Fallen. MegaStar+hatchlings=cute. That's it. That's the prompt.
  • Mikaela: I love Mikaela, and I really like the idea of her apprenticing with Ratchet to learn about Cybertronian care. Throw Optimus in there for the heck of it. I also like that she's paired up with Sideswipe and sometimes the motorcycle triplets in stories and in the toys, so I would definitely enjoy seeing more content like that. Preferably minus Sam haha

Transformers RID 2015
Optimus Prime, Windblade, Strongarm, Slipstream, Jetstorm, Drift, Steeljaw, Knock Out

  • Optimus & Team Bee: I love seeing Optimus out of the position of authority and able to relax more. Anything with him and the team (some or all members) just hanging out, getting to know each other, bonding, whatever. I just want Optimus to be happy and safe haha
  • Slipstream, Jetstorm, & Drift: the twins are soooo cute and I love how fatherly Drift is towards them sometimes. I would love to see more stuff like that.
  • Steeljaw & Knock Out: I would really enjoy interactions between these two, I think. They're both so charming and sly, and I think they would be great frenemies. Pre-war or post-war, whatever--anything with them would be fun
Transformers Animated
Shockwave | Longarm Prime, Blurr, the Jettwins, Jazz
  • I like the Blurr/Longarm dynamic of Longarm being very slow and calm in contrast to Blurr's super fast excitement. I like Shockwave/Blurr, too, but not as a lovey-dovey couple--more like, it's awful because Shockwave loved Blurr but Blurr loved Longarm and it's weird that Shockwave and Longarm are the same and different all at once. Blurr has a lot of mixed feelings. It's awkward and complicated
  • I just love sibling stuff, and I think Jazz makes a good surrogate bro to the twins

I look forward to seeing what you create!