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SASO 2017 (Team Grandstand)

This post will include everything SASO!

Icebreaker post || Friending meme post || Remix permission post

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br1: Alternate Universes

  1. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: Chuck AU
  2. (YWPD)Makishima & Onoda & Midousuji: Lilo & Stitch AU [FILLED]
  3. (YWPD) Toudou & Makishima/Kinjou: Corpse Bride AU
  4. (YWPD) Toudou & Makishima & Shinkai: Pitch Perfect AU
  5. (YWPD) Toudou &/ Manami: dragon riders AU
  6. (PoT) Inui/Kaidou: boxer & trainer AU [FILLED x2]
  7. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: Star Wars AU
  8. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: Repo! the Genetic Opera AU
  9. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: Daughter of Space AU [FILLED]
  10. (YWPD) Fukutomi/Toudou: bodyguard/celebrity AU
  11. (Love Live) Eli/Umi: handmaiden/feudal lord AU [FILLED]
  12. (YWPD & Princess Nine) Tadokoro & Mao: Tadokoro's biggest inspiration
  13. (YWPD) Toudou & Makishima: Chicago AU
  14. (YWPD) Fukutomi &/ Toudou: Noh performer and hayashi musician
  15. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima & Teshima: Inkheart AU
  16. (YWPD) Kinjou & Makishima & Tadokoro: Overwatch AU
  17. (YWPD) Toudou & Makishima: personality swap AU [FILLED]
  18. (YWPD) Team Sohoku & Team Hakogaku: America's Next Top Model AU
  19. (YWPD) Kinjou/Toudou & Tadokoro, Arakita & Manami: The Great Race AU
  20. (YWPD) Makishima & Onoda: Actors AU
  21. (YWPD) Makishima & Onoda: Transformers AU [FILLED]
  22. (YWPD & Love Live) Miki &/ Kizaki: Kizaki works at the Kanzaki shop
  23. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: Practical Magic AU
  24. (YWPD) Kinjou &/ Makishima: Drama club AU
  25. (PoT) Inui &/ Kaidou: Overwatch AU
br2: Tic-Tac-Toe

  1. (YWPD, PoT) Snamily+KinMaki: family stuff
  2. (YWPD) Fukutomi &/ Toudou: domesticity + supernatural stuff
  3. (YWPD) Toudou & Makishima: friendship stuff
  4. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: soft stuff [FILLED x7]
  5. (PoT) Inui/Kaidou: relationship stuff
  6. (YWPD) Kinjou &/ Makishima: supernatural stuff
br3: FST
  1. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: Razia's Shadow
  2. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: Street Corner Symphony, Pentatonix, Panic! At The Disco (long distance relationship stuff)
  3. (YWPD) Koga &/ Aoyagi &/ Teshima: Joseph, The Staves, Mumford & Sons [FILLED]
  4. (YWPD) Manami &/ Teshima: Delta Rae, The Oh Hellos, The Paper Kites
  5. (YWPD) Makishima & Onoda: Repo! The Genetic Opera [FILLED]
  6. (YWPD, PoT) Kaidou & Kinjou OR Inui & Kaidou: Repo! The Genetic Opera [FILLED]
  7. (YWPD) Arakita/Shinkai OR Arakita/Toudou: Razia's Shadow
  8. (YWPD) Kinjou & Koseki: Working Man - Imagine Dragons
  9. (YWPD) Team Hiroshima: Family - Mother Mother
  10. (YWPD) Kinjou, Makishima, Tadokoro, & others: Transformers Prime [FILLED]
  11. (YWPD, PoT) snamily: Morning Comes - Delta Rae [FILLED]
  12. (YWPD, PoT) snamily: fun., Sleeping At Last [FILLED]

br4: Quotes

  1. (PoT) Inui/Kaidou: "Each emotion can be thought of as a computer program"
  2. (YWPD or PoT) Kinjou &/ Makishima OR Fukutomi &/ Toudou OR Tezuka &/ Fuji OR Inui &/ Kaidou: "I know the doubts that plague you" [FILLED]
  3. (YWPD) Arakita &/ Machimiya: "Aren't you supposed to be dead?"
  4. (YWPD) Makishima & Onoda OR Kinjou &/ Makishima: "Only your deepest wish can make me smile"
  5. (YWPD or Love Live) Fukutomi/Toudou OR Miki/Miyahara OR Eli/Umi: "I got you some chocolates" [FILLED]
  6. (YWPD) Fukutomi/Toudou: "Addison spoke in calligraphy while everyone else talked in scribbles" [FILLED]
  7. (YWPD) Kinjou &/ Makishima: "It is good to have you by my side once more" [FILLED]
  8. (YWPD) Makishima & Sohoku: "I miss all of them"
  9. (YWPD or Free!) Fukutomi & Shinkai  OR Fukutomi & Toudou OR Kinjou  & Makishima OR Rin & Sousuke: "His scars run deep, but they protect a genuine heart"
  10. (YWPD) Makishima &/ Kinjou OR Makishima & Teshima OR Makishima & Onoda: "I'm not as wonderful as you're making me out to be"
  11. (YWPD or HQ) Fukutomi/Toudou OR Hinata/Kenma: "I would rather be the moon to your sun"
  12. (YWPD) Kinjou/Makishima: "I am strange, I am different, I am wrong, but you love me all the same"
  13. (Free) Sousuke/Nitori: "Old in a house made of wood"
  14. (Free) Sousuke/Nitori: "You always make sure that we are equal in give and in take,"
  15. (Free) Sousuke/Nitori: "So much of life ahead"


br0: Graphics
  1. Icons for Team Kanzaki Miki/Miyahara
br1: Alternate Universes
  1. (YWPD, art) Fukutomi/Toudou: sci-fi AU, alien Toudou
  2. (YWPD, art) Kinjou & Makishima & Tadokoro: merfolk
  3. (YWPD, art) Tadokoro/Toudou: romcom AU
  4. (YWPD, fic, 579w) Kinjou/Makishima: dryad Makishima has a crush on Kinjou
br2: Tic-Tac-Toe
  1. (YWPD, art) Fukutomi/Toudou (& Kinjou/Makishima): Pokemon Elite 4 champions
  2. (YWPD, art) snamily: Remember When
  3. (YWPD, art) Kinjou &/ Makishima: Gucci
br3: FST
  1. (YWPD, art) Kinjou/Makishima: Glass Animals
  2. (YWPD, art) Kinjou & Makishima & Tadokoro: We Come Together - Goldfish
br4: Quotes
  1. (YWPD, art+242w) Kinjou/Makishima: "I collect spores, mold, and fungus"
  2. (YWPD, art) Kinjou/Makishima: "I have seen the scars you carry, and I love you"
br5: Clue
  1. (YWPD, art) Makishima in the bathroom with a syringe
br6: Remixes
  1. (YWPD/Tennis, fic, 548w) Kinjou/Makishima, Inui & Makishima: AU where, although Kaidou is mortally terrified of ghosts, he accidentally falls in love with this really awkward data ghost.
  2. (YWPD, art) Kinjou/Makishima: It is good to have you by my side once more, Ratchet. —Optimus Prime
  3. (YWPD, art) Kinjou/Makishima: skinny-dipping
br7: Free For All
  1. (YWPD, art) Kinjou/Makishima: Overwatch AU