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 I NEED STRUCTURE IN MY LIFE so here is where you can bait me for BR5 fills, if you so desire :3c

i pretty much only write/draw for yowapeda! more often than not i draw, though. i'm pretty familiar with the first generation of teams, except for kyofushi...

things i will do:
  • body horror
  • monsters/aliens
  • urban fantasy
  • werewolves
  • witches
  • retellings of classic myths/fables from anywhere
  • mythical creatures
  • dragons
  • honestly i am... open to many things as long as they aren't on the list below
things i won't do:
  • toumaki
  • tadomaki
  • fukukin
  • kinara
  • fukuara
  • maki/onoda
  • smut fic
  • explicitly nsfw anything (like. no dicks. i will draw boobs though, i love boobs)
  • harry potter AUs
(the ships are only in a romantic sense, i do love them as platonic friendships though)

so if you want to, leave prompts in the comments below! anon should be enabled, so you can use that ^u^

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