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Hello creator! The first part of this letter is an overview of my likes and dislikes, and the rest goes a little more in-depth for each request. The prompts are just meant for inspiration, so don't feel bound to them! Go wild. All you really need to keep in mind are my dislikes and NOTPs, and you'll be golden!

You can also find me on Tumblr (bysolusprime) and Twitter (nyakishima).

  • found families & family fluff; physically affectionate families
  • domesticity; cooking, remodeling, cleaning, etc
  • nonsexual nudity/partial nudity
  • injury and illness care (descriptions of blood/gore are ok!)
  • friends to lovers
  • established relationships
  • casual intimacy, platonic or romantic
  • AUs! some of my favorites
    • high fantasy, urban fantasy
    • -punk (steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, etc)
    • sci-fi
    • equestrianism
    • merfolk
    • spies
    • monsters, monster hunters
  • smut preferences
  • in art
    • patterns/textures
    • rich colors
    • different hairstyles from canon
    • tanlines
    • painted nails
    • interesting lighting
  • I also love to see people's inspiration, so if you were inspired by a song, movie, picture--anything--share it!
  • terminal illness
  • non-canonical major character death
  • non-canonical family death, or estrangement
  • non-canonical abuse (mentions only if it's canonical)
  • angst without a happy ending
  • self harm
  • changing canon pronouns
  • pining
  • soulmate AUs
  • Harry Potter AUs
  • college/high school AUs
  • coffee shop AUs
  • European royalty AUs
  • human AUs for TMNT or Transformers
  • plots based in homophobia/transphobia/racism/etc
  • incest
  • enemies/rivals to lovers
  • epithets when the character's name is known

Mink/Seragaki Aoba

I REALLY LOVE DOMESTIC MINAO. Mink's growth as a character is very important to me, and I love his gentleness in re:connect. I also appreciate Aoba's determination in getting to know Mink and exposing his softer side. Also, a cozy log cabin in the woods is one of my favorite aesthetics.

I enjoy content of the two of them in America, living and working peacefully. My personal headcanons are that they live in Michigan, near Munising, and that Mink is Ojibwe. Some ideas:
  • Summertime; visiting the lake or having an outdoor cookout, stargazing
  • Horse riding
  • Camping and other outdoorsy activities
  • Friends/family from Japan visiting them in America
AUs are also always fun.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Goodnight Robicheaux/Billy Rocks

I'm all about quiet trust, respect, and support with this ship. This isn't a couple for grand romantic gestures; they're comfortable with each other and they feel safe together. One thing that I really liked about them was how Goodnight's mental illness was handled, and Billy's unwavering understanding and support for him.

I can't think of any prompts; I'm open to anything, really! Follow your heart!

Leonardo & Michelangelo, Karai & Michelangelo, Leatherhead /& Michelangelo, Donatello & Leonardo

I'm sure you've guessed that Mikey is my favorite turtle haha

I really love how openly affectionate, loving and supportive Mikey is towards everyone, family and friends alike. I think he brings out the best in people--he sees the good in them and draws it out;

with Leatherhead, it's his intelligence and the gentleness in his heart. Their relationship is so wonderfully supportive and heartwarming!! Platonic or romantic, I think they're life partners

with Leo, it's both his playful and protective side. I think that Mikey looks up to him, and wants to make him happy, so he tries to take Leo's mind off of more pressing matters. I also think that Leo has a soft spot for Mikey and tends to spoil him when circumstances allow.

with Karai, I think Mikey would bring out her playful side, too; she'd be a good partner-in-crime for pranks. He'd also be the one to really let her feel like their sister, early on. she's family, and he's going to make sure that she knows it

I really like Leo and Donnie's relationship in the Bay movies. To me, Donnie reads as the 2nd oldest (rather than Raph), and I think he would be Leo's confidant. He understands how much pressure Leo is under, and he's the most capable of taking bad news without panicking or otherwise getting upset--he's a good one to talk through problems with.

(please no leo/karai at all, only platonic is ok)

Some ideas:
  • Mikey taking care of Leo when his pain flares up (i really like Leo with chronic pain following his injuries at the end of s2 (i wasn't very happy with the way the show handled it in the end :( i don't like pain being treated as something that's all in your head, i would have loved to see Leo work WITH his disability rather than ~deus ex machina~ it out of the picture))
  • mostly i'm talking in terms of the 2012 nickelodeon series, but if you want to go with Bayverse i am also 100% okay with that!! a mildly angsty thing i would like to see, if you are so inclined, is Mikey getting fed up with his brothers never taking him seriously, or those hurt feelings from the plane scene in OOTS resurfacing, and Leo having to deal with that. a good opportunity for Mikey+Leo bonding
  • Mikey cooking for/with Karai
  • Mikey grooming Leatherhead
  • bayverse Leatherhead origin story (personally, i'm partial to black caiman Leatherhead for this universe, out of the Rio following the plane crash scene in oots)
  • the gang getting tattoos
  • Mazes&Mutants game night

Transformers Prime/Transformers (Bay movies)

Optimus Prime/Ratchet, Knock Out/Soundwave, Megatron/Starscream, Mikaela Banes & Optimus Prime

OP/Ratchet is the Biggest OTP, the history and absolute trust here is really important to me. I also like how Ratchet is one of the few bots that isn't somewhat starstruck by Optimus, him being the last Prime and all, and I think he helps ground Optimus. As a leader, Optimus doesn't have many shoulders to lean on, but Ratchet is there for him. I like them in most continuities; mostly TFP/RID15 and Bayverse though. Bayverse is a little different since Optimus is more jaded and ruthless, but that's also what makes him my favorite Optimus. I love the idea that he only shows his soft side to Ratchet

TFP Knock Out/Soundwave is the other OTP. despite their differing loyalties (Soundwave to Megatron, Knock Out to whoever happens to be winning) and near-polar opposite personalities, I think they have a healthy amount of respect for each other. at their cores, they're both ambitious and incredibly smart creatures, and they each recognize the other's value. I think that Knock Out finds Soundwave fascinating, and is one of the few bots willing to pursue him, although his usual charm doesn't work very well on Soundwave. I also like the voyeur/exhibitionist sort of dynamic.

Megatron/Starscream is my oldest ship, although I like it best in TFP. I think that they really did love each other once, but the war screwed everything up, especially in the later stages when nothing was happening for long stretches of time and they grew frustrated. When they were actively working towards the goal, they worked together beautifully, in my opinion. Starscream understands Megatron's vision, and they know each other better than anyone.  

I'm really glad Mikaela and Optimus got nominated! I love Mikaela so much and I would love to see more content of her as a mechanic and an ally to the bots. She's smart and tough, but so many people just see her as a sex object :( I think she and Optimus (and Ratchet too) would get along well. 

Some ideas:
  • (TFP) Soundwave finding a way to communicate with Knock Out from the Shadowzone, and Knock Out subsequently working to free him via the dual bridge method (maybe with help from Ratchet or even Raf) (good opportunity to explore Knock Out's feelings about Soundwave as he tries to convince the powers that be that Soundwave is an invaluable asset)
  • Injury/illness care after a battle (severe injuries and gore are welcome :3c)
  • (TFP) Starscream pursuing Megatron after Predacons Rising and the two of them dealing with the abrupt end of the war and abandoning the Decepticons
  • Starscream and Megatron celebrating a victory; a rare moment of admiration/affection for each other
  • (Bayverse) Optimus and Ratchet rendezvousing  in between DotM and AoE, after Optimus sent everyone into hiding, and sharing a soft moment
  • (Bayverse) Optimus contacting Mikaela at some point after RotF and the breakup, maybe just to check up on her even or to ask her for help
  • (Bayverse) something something Starscream and his hatchlings I just think that it's weirdly adorable
a couple things I don't want, specific to Transformers:
  • robots kissing. other displays of affection like forehead touching are good though
  • heat cycles
  • NOTPs: breakdown/knock out, optimus/megatron, chromedome/prowl (really chromedome and rewind shipped with anyone besides each other is a No)
Yowamushi Pedal
Kinjou Shingo/Makishima Yuusuke, Fukutomi Juichi/Toudou Jinpachi

Kinjou/Makishima is the Biggest OTP i love it so much u guys. the quiet trust and deep mutual respect they have for each other is so important to me, and Kinjou's unwavering support of Makishima, no matter what weird shit he's doing, is arguably The Best. i think that Kinjou is one of the few people that Makishima feels comfortable around; he recognizes Makishima's flaws and quirks, and accepts them, rather than trying to make him change. Makishima is also one of the few people that follows Kinjou unquestioningly--he trusts Kinjou, so much, and would follow him into anything. I cry

Fukutomi/Toudou is also a big OTP, i really like the contrast in their personalities and how well they work together even though they're practically night and day. it's easy to forget how skilled and strong Toudou is, since he's so exuberant and vain, but i think Fukutomi recognizes his power and trusts him with it. Toudou complements him; they fill in each other's gaps and balance out each other's weaknesses. (Also, sensei said that Fuku is a doting boyfriend, and if anyone would flourish with a doting boyfriend, it's definitely Toudou)

For general, I love post-canon get togethers with the first gen 3rd years; maybe going to see one of their old classmates in a pro race, going to a festival together, or someone's birthday/some other celebration. I like mixing Hakogaku and Sohoku in rare combinations, especially Makishima+Fukutomi and Kinjou+Toudou. One of my favorite AUs for Yowapeda is urban fantasy, with kitchen witch Toudou and seer/medium Makishima (although I also like to work this into regularverse tbh). Sci-fi is also a really good AU that I'm fond of for Yowapeda, specifically featuring android Makishima (and other android climbers, like Teshima)

if it comes up I'd prefer that Kyofushi appearances be kept to a minimum

these are my #1 headcanons, you don't really have to incorporate them though as long as you don't explicitly contradict them (like explicitly cis man Makishima or light skinned Kinjou) 
  • Makishima is dfab agender (he/him)
  • Kinjou is black/japanese, his mom was raised in the US and his maternal grandparents are from south Africa. has chronic pain in his knee

NOTPs; please don't include or mention these ships romantically (platonic is ok)
  • toudou/makishima
  • any arakita pairing
  • tadokoro/makishima
  • midousuji/ishigaki
  • midousuji/onoda
  • kinjou/Fukutomi
I look forward to seeing what you make!
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