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prompts! i didn't start saving all my prompts until BR4 though oops.... so all the prompts listed BR1-3 are filled

  1. remember when manami tried to cook for toudou, and ended up giving him food poisoning?
  2. remember when toudou met a wolf in the forest? (2 fills!)
  1. Kinjou/Makishima: catboys (3 fills!)
  2. Kinjou/Makishima: girlfriends
  3. Makishima & Sohoku: "My bad feelings have a habit of coming true"
  4. Kinjou/Makishima: "Since then I started believing things would always work out if I followed you"
  5. Arakita/Toudou: girlfriends
  6. Kinjou & Makishima: guilt
  7. Makishima & Sohoku: "This is farewell"
  1. Kinjou/Makishima: Here's a copy. Let me know what you think. (2 fills!)
  2. Manami & Fukutomi: You are strong.
  3. Nozomi & Makishima: Seer to seer, we have a problem...
  4. Kaidou/Inui: Still have that half-price defrag and optimization special going on?
  5. Kinjou/Makishima: Something to keep you company while you're away.
  6. Kinjou/Makishima: Come to my lab right away (2 fills!)
  7. Toudou & Ryoma: Thank you for booking your stay with Toudou-An :)
  8. Inui & Kinjou(/Makishima): I wish you many happy years.
  9. Kinjou/Makishima: Happy birthday.
  10. Manami/Toudou: Your reward, if you get perfect attendance this week!
  11. Tadokoro & Mao: Thank you
  12. Teshima & Manami: I thought you could use this
  1. Fukutomi & Kinjou: "I told myself I'd never lift a hand in hatred." [FILLED]
  2. Arakita &/ Toudou: "I was born to be the wolf"
  3. Makishima & Sohoku: "Shout out to the friends back home"
  4. Makishima/Kinjou: "I will shout from the mountain top"
  5. Makishima/Kinjou: "The last time I sweat, there was gunfire involved."
  6. Makishima/Kinjou: "My girlfriend sneezed and I accidentally said shut the fuck up instead of saying bless you" [FILLED]
  7. Inui &/ Fuji: "Nickel, iron, cobalt, chrome"
  8. Kinjou & Onoda: "I'm a theoretician."
  9. Inui &/ Kaidou: "Could you put his brain back in his head?" [FILLED]
  10. Kinjou/Makishima: "Because I'll split this world open and tear down the sky before I let him come to even the slightest harm."
  11.  Manami  &/ Teshima: "Cover stories and half truths."
  12. Arakita &/ Machimiya: "So here's the plan" [FILLED]
  13. Kinjou & Fukutomi: "Do you know what I did to the last person who threatened me?"
  14. Arakita &/ Toudou: "Say something inspirational!"
  15. Kinjou &/ Makishima: "A friend is one that knows you as you are" [FILLED]
  16. Makishima & Toudou: "A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation"
  17. Kinjou & Sohoku: "You're a monster"
  18. Manami &/ Teshima: "Usually, someone has to be dead before they take their secrets to their grave."
  19. Makishima & Kinjou & Tadokoro: "Sounds like being human to me."
  20. Kinjou & Fukutomi: "Is it fear or courage that compels you?"
  21. Kinjou & Sohoku: "Defend my family, or die."
  22. Tadokoro &/ Shinkai: "I'm like a fat ballerina"
  23. Kinjou & Sohoku: "When we fail together"
  24. Arakita &/ Miyuki: "You found a worse crowd"
  25. Inui & Kinjou: "Data to be manipulated" [FILLED]
  26. Inui &/ Kaidou: "Not all that running around and shooting people nonsense." [FILLED]
  27. Koga &/ Teshima: "All men have left here"
  28. Manami &/ Teshima: "The lions and the lambs are fighting"
  29. Teshima &/ Ashikiba: "Brother, you will never know"
  30. Kinjou/Makishima: "When his hair falls in his face"
  31. Toudou/Fukutomi: "Let me take you where you never go" [FILLED]
  32. Toudou/Manami: "Let's get lost, you can take me home"
  33. Fuji & Makishima: "But if I remember correctly, your predictions are always right on the mark." [FILLED]
  34. Fuji &/ Inui: Bees? [FILLED]
  35. Kinjou/Makishima: Daughter of Space

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